20 Sep 2013 Comments 0

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are an American indie folk band formed in California in 2007. Led by lead vocalist Alex Ebert the group features a revolving lineup of up to 12 people at any one time. I think the phrase "rambunctious stuff" best describes their music.

01 Jun 2013 Comments 0

It's a cold, wet and pretty miserable Saturday morning in Cape Town and I find myself laying in bed watching some of my favourite music videos. My dog seems to be laboring under some misguided notion that I am going to be getting out of bed and taking him for a walk...dream on buddy. Anyway I was listening to some of my all time favourites like Natural Blues by Moby, One by U2, Freedom by George Michael, Leaving New York by REM, November Rain by Guns N' Roses, Hurts Like Heaven by Coldplay just to name a few when I hit gold. Check out the video above entitled "Skeleton Crew" by a band called Kovacs and the Polar Bear. This is some of the best chill out music I have come across in ages.

14 Sep 2012 Comments 0

Ard Matthews is known as one of South Africa’s most prolific singers and songwriters. His amazing music has inspired people both locally and internationally. As the front man of South African band Just Jinjer,he led the band to the success of their debut album title ‘All Comes Round’, becoming one of the biggest selling albums of all time in their native country of South Africa, achieving double platinum status in its first year, with the follow up album "Something for now" reaching the same status a year later.


In 2010 Ard made the decision to pursue a solo career culminating in the release of his latest album entitled "First Offerings". With about ten thousand people following him on Twitter you know he's huge. SA Lifestyle was lucky enough to be able spend some time with Ard and ask him a few questions.

30 Jan 2012 Comments 2

I was lucky enough to be able to interview talented singer and songwriter Louise Day. After reading the interview go to her website and find out more about her.