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Clearly this ferret does not spend a lot of time on the internet. If he had of he would have come across loads of videos showing cats failing miserably at attempting jumps just like this one. Talking about cats have you checked out Jedi Cats?

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Sometimes life can be very cruel as this poor, sweet little girl finds out. Fortunately, her painful life lesson turned into a prize-winning video on "America's Funniest Home Videos." Lets hope that now her father, the guy with slow reflexes, should be able to buy her a new toy fairy. He just needs to keep it far away from the fireplace this time.

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OK this is definitely one of the better Halloween pranks that I have seen. Also, if you are looking to count your blessings a little early this year, be thankful that you weren't the guy in the elevator at the end of this video. Yikes. Personally I think that I would have a heart attack and pee in my pants if this happened to me. if you enjoyed watching this then click HERE to watch the insane Japanese dinosaur prank.

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I've heard of dogs doing amazing things for their owners before but this takes the cake. Bennett, who happens to be a cattle dog, not only retrieves a beer for his "parched" owner on command, but also opens the refrigerator to do so and closes it after he's grabbed the bottle of beer. How cool is that? Bennett has probably set the awesome bar for dogs to an unreachable height. Well, that is unless his next move is to walk down the street and pickup two college coeds to enjoy the beer with his master. If you enjoyed watching this then click HERE to watch a dog fishing.

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This is pretty impressive when you consider that I struggled to get my waiter last night just to bring me one beer. Oliver Struempfel, a 38-year-old tax inspector, set a new world record on Sunday at the Gillamoos beer festival in Abensberg by carrying 27 mugs of beer more than 130 feet. The haul weighed approximately 147 pounds, and Struempfel said he wouldn't have been able to do it without "training in a fitness center, especially in winter time." Strangely enough he only had to beat just one other competitor, and that poor bastard wound up looking like a complete plonker next to the champ even though he was carrying damn near 20 liters himself.