My Thoughts On Jedi Cats

24 Jul 2014 Comments 0

If one you were given a choice, Star Wars or cats, which one of the two would you choose? Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds. It would appear that the "Force" is strong in some of our little feline friends. While cats may be cute, small and innocent looking, it would appear that they too can be corrupted by the seductive power of the Dark Side of the Force.

In related news, there are a pair of Star Wars spinoffs in the works. Hopefully these Jedi cats can at least get a cameo in one of them. I can just see the opening credits now...In a galaxy far, far away on the desert planet of Catooine, PussSkywalker and Gato Solo do battle with Pooper troopers from the Evil DogStar.....with their Light Saber-tooths drawn -- may the Catnip be with them.


Are our beloved pets actually out to get us? Click HERE to watch what happens when one little guy uses the Force in nefarious ways and ponder that question.



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