News Anchor Uses The F Word And Quits Job To Focus On Legalizing Weed

06 Oct 2014 Comments 0

Have you ever had one of those days at work where you just want to say,"F**k it. I quit"? Well, this news reporter did and she was brave enough to follow through with it ... on live television no less.


KTVA Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene was in the middle of a report on the Alaska Cannabis Club when the tone of her report took a turn. It just so happens that she is also the owner of that club and since she wants to spend all of her time and efforts on legalizing marijuana in Alaska, she felt she had no other choice than to quit her day job and concentrate on what is important to her.


That led to her glorious f-bomb and walk off the set, all of which was caught on camera. Watch it and enjoy. And maybe cringe. Perhaps the funniest part is watching the flustered news anchor try to handle the situation when they turn the cameras back on her.

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