Nasa releases amazing images of the sun

29 May 2012 Comments 0

NASA scientists have released these amazing images of the sun with augmented colours showing activity on the suns surface. The video shows images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory over 24 hours on September 25, 2011, emphasised in vivid blues, greens and yellows. "There's no science behind [adding the colours]," says Scott Wiesinger of Goddard Space Flight Centre, "But it looks very pretty." The original frames are in the 171 Angstrom wavelength of extreme ultraviolet which shows plasma on the surface of sun at around 600,000 Kelvin. "This video takes SDO images and applies additional processing to enhance the structures visible," said a Nasa spokesperson. "While there is no scientific value to this processing, it does result in a beautiful, new way of looking at the sun."

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