Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

06 Aug 2014 Comments 0

Right boys Mad Max is back - and still mad - in "Fury Road," the fourth film in the post-apocalyptic action franchise. This is the first installment in the franchise in nearly 30 years, since 1985's "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome." A word of warning: Don't expect to learn too much by way of the story from merely watching the trailer. This is little more than appetizer, filled with intense stares, snatches of action scenes and lots and lots of desert dust. One thing we do learn, though: "Fury Road" features some huuuuge car stunts. As with the previous installments, the story is set in apost-apocalyptic wasteland where water and gasoline are more valuable than human life - especially if those in search of it are among the roving bands of marauders that wreak havoc everywhere they go. And the best thing of all is that it was filmed right next door in Namibia.

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